Explosive and complex, yet soothing and catchy,  EMG, the brainchild of Allan Ritter and Adam Smith, is an homage to the 70's--where rhythm is king and endless soundscapes  constantly morph in front of you.

Rachel Oto's Saloon Rock style defiantly toes the line between sweet sensuality and determined ferocity. Raw, edgy vocals, no-nonsense, balls-to-the-wall, acoustic rock style, and sophisticated, visual storytelling make her the type of Americana artist rock music has only dreamed of. 



Rachel Oto

Phileas seeks to capture the spirit of modern times while clinging on to the past values of traditional Folk Music. These values of independence, honesty and singularity are in interaction with the reality of modern life, offering a reinterpretation of the ageless troubadour mythology in a global 21st century context


The Letters Home are pioneers of 'Dirty Soul Rock'. Their electric soul ballads are recklessly belted from a towering baritone frontman, punchy melodic drumming, pulsing bass, buzzsaw-like guitar riffs, and a rich, creamy horn section.

The Letters Home